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A Million Lights

A Million Lights is a great roleplay website based off the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter. A Million Lights was created on the 15th December 2012, by Nettlecrest, but is now under the leadership of Wolverinequeen. We have three great clans, BriarClan of the moor, IvyClan of the forest, or LarkClan of the meadow. If you have any questions or concerns, make sure you contact a staff member! Please read the rules before you start roleplaying! And lastly, but most importantly, have fun!

The Clans


BriarClan are quiet, cunning and secretive. Their territory is plain moor, with a strip of woodland that borders LarkClan territory. The territory gets rockier towards the center of their territory, where the BriarClan camp is located.
BriarClan cats are quick to respond to insults, normally throwing themselves right into battle.
Lead by Briarstar [Gatamala]
Helped by Icerose [Wolverinequeen]

IvyClan are strong, bold, and curious. Their territory is mostly woodland, dotted with creeks, and a large pond near the camp. IvyClan take the warrior code very seriously, and take it personally if it is broken.
Lead by Tornstar [Mothsky]
Helped by Littletwister [Torn.to.pieces]

LarkClan are swift, loyal and intelligent. Their territory is half meadow, half woodland, with a river running through the middle. LarkClan cats could run on the meadow all day. Members of LarkClan usually have a good sense of humor, and know how to cheer others up.
Lead by Risingstar [Currentwind]
Helped by name [roleplayer]


4/7/14 - Welcome to
Wolfdrawer654 and Bloodykit, new members.

4/12/14 - Welcome to
ฬเll๏ฬtєคг, our newest member!

8/5/14 - LarkClan is having tryouts for deputy and medicine cat! All can apply.

8/10/14-Gatamala is promoted to Administrator

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A Million Lights Home - A Million Lights


Member Count - 86// Member Goal - 95
Oldest Member - Nettlecrest
Top Contributor - Wolverinequeen
Most Active Staff Member - Gatamala
Roleplayer of the Month - Torn.to.pieces
Season - Greenleaf // Weather - Warm, mostly sunny with occasional clouds // Prey - medium to high
Featured Group - LarkClan // Most Active Clan - BriarClan


Administrators - Wolverinequeen, Gatamala
Moderators - Currentwind/Mothsky
Writers - torn.to.pieces



A Million Lights Home - A Million Lights

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